Build strength, flexibility and endurance—Learn to move like water.
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Each member of our team has the skills and dedication to teaching to guide you on your journey to become a paddler.
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Everyone Can Learn to Paddle

The Active Nature Team: Excellence, Enthusiasm, Patience, Innovation

We at Active Nature believe that everyone can learn to paddle. Active Nature’s kayaking and stand up paddleboarding lessons will help you develop skills, fitness, and confidence, while connecting you to nature and a community of positive, supportive people. Our integrated approach to paddle sports instruction will give you a complete and rock solid foundation in paddling that no other program can match.

Active Nature’s highly skilled instructional team draws from diverse experiences such as competing at the Olympic level in kayaking, Olympic coaching, sports psychology, exploring rivers around the globe, and decades of providing quality instruction. Our highly accomplished, certified instructors are passionate about paddling and teaching and look forward to sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm about paddling and nature with you.

Our instructors have certifications from: American Canoe Association, Academy of Surf Instructors, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the United States Olympic Training Center. The Active Nature instructional team blends these synergistic disciplines to give you the ultimate paddle sports curriculum.

Skills: Learn great technique from day one—Strokes, edging, turning, and rolling.

Confidence: Belief in yourself and your skills does not happen by accident. Learn to perform at your best and feel great by learning mental training techniques that are used by Olympians and top performers in many fields of endeavor.

River Knowledge: Experience Nature, learn the dynamics of moving water, river etiquette, and safety training.

Fitness: Build strength, flexibility and endurance—Learn to move like water.

The Active Nature Team currently offers different stand up paddle boarding and kayak programs for different levels. Click on Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board menu links to learn more.