$25—purchase each date a la carte
$200—unlimited sessions
(does not include weekend river trips)

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Dates and Time
All sessions start at 5:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Dryland Fitness followed by Season Kick-Off BBQ
Saturday, March 11 at 3:00pm
Additional "Pop-up" Fitness sessions announced on Facebook

Strokes and Edging
Tuesday, March 14
Tuesday, March 21

Whitewater Confidence
Tuesday, March 28
Tuesday, April 4

Playboating, Surfing, Dynamic Rolling
Tuesday, April 11
Tuesday, April 18

Dryland Fitness: 15205 Montevideo Rd. Poolesville, MD
Strokes and Edging: Chutes near Anglers
Whitewater Confidence: Feeder Canal and Little Falls
Playboating, Surfing, Dynamic Rolling: Chutes near Anglers

Ability: This course is for intermediate kayakers with a mostly reliable roll.

Dryland Fitness—yoga mat (if possible)
Strokes and Edging—any kayak other than a play boat
Whitewater Confidence—any kayak other than a play boat
Playboating, Dynamic Rolling—Play boat or small river runner

Participant Feedback

"Can’t thank Jason Beakes enough for helping me break through over the last couple months what could have been a significant paddling plateau and helping me find another gear I didn’t know I had." BJ Nichols—2014, 2015 participant

"The program really helped me gain confidence, both in terms of reading water and running bigger, pushier rapids. It gave me important tools and drills that I can now take to the river when I practice by myself." Johnny Wilson—2014 participant

Our Instructors

Each member of our team has the skills and dedication to teaching to guide you on your journey to become a paddler.

Get fit, gain confidence, and make 2017 your best year of kayaking ever!

AN 1st in Cheat Race Team Standings.

Begins March 11, 2017

This first of its kind series of clinics addresses four fundamental components of paddling ability: Fitness, Strokes and Edging, Whitewater Confidence/Rolling and Playboating. This course is designed for paddlers of all levels with a mostly reliable roll.

Sessions are offered "a la carte" to work with busy schedules and each component clinic offered more than once. We encourage paddlers to attend all classes in the series so that concepts and progress can be reinforced.

Course Goals

  • Learn to read water
  • Build functional fitness
  • Break through skill level plateaus
  • Master the psychology of paddling well
  • Improve stroke technique
  • Meet a great group of paddlers
  • Have Fun!

At Active Nature you receive:

  • Coaching from Jason Beakes
  • Small Groups
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Professionalism
  • Positive Attitude
Questions about the program? Visit the support page to contact our staff or call 202.262.5312.

Focused training for positive change:

Dryland Fitness for Paddlers

Even basic kayaking techniques are difficult if not impossible to perform correctly without adequate strength and range of motion in key muscle groups and joints. This class has been created for all ability levels to develop strength and mobility in the areas critical for paddlers so you can enjoy years of injury free paddling. Distilled over many years, we teach you the exercises that have the most benefit in the least amount of time and work universally for everyone!

We’ll help you address basic fitness deficits that may be unwittingly holding you back. For example, the majority of Americans have obliques and lower back muscles that are both tight and weak, and yet these are precisely the muscles critical for setting up for a roll. Chronically tight lats and pectoral muscles make it virtually impossible to maintain a proper vertical stroke no matter how many times your instructor tells you to do so. And many paddlers suffer shoulder injuries that can be easily prevented with a simple training routine.

Strokes and Edging

Mastery of basic strokes and proper use of edging is the secret that makes precise boat control possible and allows you to progress to the intermediate level and beyond. In this class we will do drills and courses through the rapids that will make this skillset second nature.

Whitewater Confidence

Confidence as a paddler comes from two primary sources 1) Knowing how to interpret the river and making decisions for yourself that you can trust and 2) Mastery of your basic paddling skills so that you know they will function in the rapids you choose to paddle. Together, we’ll explore different river features finding new ways to challenge ourselves and practicing good paddling habits.

Playboating, Surfing, Dynamic Rolling

It goes without saying that playboating is a blast! We will cover the fundamentals of how to play each type of river feature and more advance tricks like cartwheels, looping for those who are ready. Even if playboating is not your primary interest this course will be your best bet for making your roll bombproof and effortless.